Counter Strike

Finally, for the first time in six months, CSGO is “green”. More players returned than left

The situation of CS: GO is improving. The community is returning to Valve’s production, at least for the moment.

Four days ago Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was getting closer to breaking out of its “red streak”, meaning players are moving away from Valve’s title.

And it happened because, for the first time in six months, the number of CS players is increasing, not decreasing. This is not the end of good news.

The situation in CS: GO will only get better from now on?

As you can see in the statistics below, these, although rising by small numbers, still look much better than in recent months. There are many indications that the situation will only improve.

Soon, the community will be able to watch the struggle during the Major, which not only attracts many viewers, but usually also leads to the return of players. As interest grows, people are beginning to remind themselves that CS: GO exists.

It is very possible that an update with a new operation will also come to the game after the Major. These are always very beneficial to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s stats. The community, in particular, could be encouraged if Gabe Newell and co would add entirely new missions and challenges, though either way it always attracts a lot of people.

So it looks like CS: GO is finally going straight and it will only get better by the end of this year. Still, it’s worth remembering that the issues that made CS stats suiffer are still present in Valve’s FPS, and nothing has been done about them.