Counter Strike

Gabe Newell answers a question about cheaters. Are CSGO developers going to deal with them?

Gabe Newell revealed that developers are working on an anti-cheat.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community posted a video in which Gabe Newell himself gave a lecture to the public. The Valve Software director mentioned CSGO and anti-cheat in his statement. The developers have finally decided to deal with the huge problem of cheats and are working on something really big.

Valve needs more people

As you can hear in the material below – Gabe Newell informed that programmers have been working on something big, related to VACnet, for a long time. Rather, the work on this is not a top priority, but developers need even more hands to work to finish their work faster. The desire to speed up the work may, of course, be caused by the growing problem of cheaters.

While Gaben does not give any dates or details, according to the people in the room (it is difficult to understand when listening to the material itself), it can be assumed that in the future players will see an update that will effectively solve the problem of cheats in Counter-Strike. The situation is really critical at the moment. Despite this, you can see some actions of programmers, even if you take into account the small wave of bans in recent days. We have already written about this in this article.