Counter Strike

GPU issue that makes CSGO graphics look like the Matrix

There is an interesting graphics bug in CS:GO that makes textures look like they are from the Matrix.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community members posted an interesting video on Reddit where he registered a strange graphic problem. It manifests as a distortion of textures that look like those from the Matrix.

It is quite spectacular and nice, but it can make the gameplay significantly more difficult, and it also means that the graphics card is approaching the end of its life.

What does this glitch look like?

You can see what the problem looks like in the video below. It looks quite interesting, but it can significantly complicate the game. It makes it harder to pay attention to the opponent, because the constantly changing colors make it difficult to concentrate fully.

The reason for this is probably not a game bug, but a video card problem of the user who posted the above material. The community laughs that the author has been transferred to the Matrix.