Counter Strike

Hackers harass CSGO players in a new way. But there’s an easy way not to give in to them

In CS: GO, a problem with hackers appeared or rather intensified. You can’t talk about cheaters here anymore, because it’s not even cheating, but just kicking people out of games.

League of Legends had a similar problem years ago. People were able to find players’ IPs and kick everyone in the game. Back then it was caused by a leaky Skype. It’s hard to say how, but it has moved to CS: GO.

More and more people write that when they buy, their games have trouble running. After that, the scenario is usually the same, the opposing team comes to spawn in the meantime and takes out all allies.

And so on until getting kicked out of the game

This leads to an automatic kick from the game. Rather, no one needs to be told how difficult it is to fight something like that.

However, there is a way that saves you from disconnecting. It is “spam” with the command “logaddress_add 1”. This will freeze the game before being automatically kicked.

So far, it is not known how hackers find IP addresses, or are able to cause problems with the operation of specific ranked matches. Everything is based on guesswork at the moment.