Here comes the first big change to the CSGO engine. Just added “rkvtest”, what is known?

A big change will be introduced to the CS: GO engine soon. How will it affect the gameplay?

The CS: GO engine hasn’t undergone major changes for a really long time. That’s why people who tracked all the changes to Global Offensive files were very surprised to know that Valve was up to something.

There is something in the files called “rkvtest”, which in turn can mean very good information for players. While not groundbreaking, a few things can change.

What to expect?

As players point out, this is about “Vulkan rendering”, a low-level, cross-platform API supporting the creation of 3D graphics. Everyone understands for sure, so in simple terms, it is something that supports how the game works.

It was previously introduced to Portal 2 or L4D2. The most important changes will be fixing the glitches and graphics issues CS: GO struggles with. However, it is not known how this will ultimately affect the frame rate issues.

It can be expected that some will experience the FPS boost, while others will probably not see any changes after the release of this update. Additionally, it is not yet known when Valve will finish testing.