How do CSGO players diversify their game? They modify weapons to their most powerful versions ever

CS:GO mod that changes all weapons to their most powerful state.

One of the members of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community has created a modification that changes the power of each weapon to its strongest state.

This is a very interesting mod that lets you see how powerful individual rifles and pistols were at certain points in CS:GO history.

The modification has been improved quite recently

The mod was initially created by the user “ruwuwu”, but now it has been improved by “SlothSquadron”. Thanks to the fixes, the mod reflects the most powerful versions of weapons 100%, as well as rewards for eliminating them.

To download the modification, please do so at this link. Information on any mod updates can be found here and will be constantly updated by the author.

Admittedly, this is a really interesting modification that will allow you to see what would happen if Valve left their weapons at their best.

The author of this modification also announced that he is currently working on the “CS:GO Weapon Balance Mod”, which is to make the weapons even more balanced (according to players’ expectations) and less irritating. We will keep you updated when it’ll be published.