Counter Strike

How is the rank distribution in CSGO currently? Players in which rank shoot the most accurate?

The analytical website checked the distribution of ranks among CS: GO players.

The ranking system in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is very complicated. Nevertheless, it is possible to determine what the rank distribution of the CS community looks like.

It shows, among others what level are all players in general and how unique is each skill level. The latest data comes from the Leetify analytical service.

The level of skill of CS: GO players is quite high

As you can see in the chart below – most players are at the level of Gold III – MG 1. Therefore, it can be safely said that the community is rather at an average level, as there are definitely fewer players in Silver or LE-Global.

Leetify also decided to check which rank is the most precise when it comes to shooting. There is no big surprise here because by far the most hits to the head and body while spraying goes to people who have Global Elite.

The rank distribution does not change much, but it must be admitted that more and more players have a “global”. Previously, the percentage of players with the highest rank was around 0.5-0.8%. Currently, it is over 1%.