How to avoid fake VAC Bans and knife unboxings in CSGO? This can be easily recognized

The CS: GO community has begun to abuse a method that allows faking game messages.

Recently, falsifying the game’s messages has become more and more popular. This problem is due to CS: GO’s font system, which assigns a color to phrases based on the initial ASCII code.

This system allows players to change the color and appearance of their own messages. How to avoid false messages about VAC Bans and knife unboxings?

How can I tell if a given chat message is fake?

The fake user-generated messages look very convincing at first glance, but there are some characteristics by which you can tell if they are real.

First of all, this real information about VAC Bans is presented as red text without preceding dots, while unboxing is quite the opposite. Well, the real information about dropping a given item has two dots in front of the name.

Below you can see what it looks like in reality. The top messages are fake and the bottom messages are real:

This issue should be fixed by Valve’s developers as it may mislead players. It probably wouldn’t take very long to fix it, but the developers apparently don’t consider it necessary.