How to reduce latency in CSGO? Players use these commands typed on Steam

If you are experiencing latency issues, this could definitely be something for you.

It is not secret knowledge, but surprisingly few people know about it. Steam allows you to enter specific commands when starting CS: GO, which most players do not use at all.

Why? It is hard to say, but it may be simply ignorance. There is not much talk about it, and sometimes it can completely change the experience of the game. So much in theory, and how does it look in practice?

CS: GO optimization commands

The place to enter these commands is directly in the client.

What do these commands look like? Players distinguish at least a few, and their appropriate adaptation to a specific device will take a while. It all depends on the computer, monitor etc. Some settings will make a huge difference, others will not work at all.

As for the ones most often used by players, these are:

-high -novid -tickrate 128 -freq 360 -noaafonts -nojoy +mat_vignette_enable 0 -processheap -disable_d3d9ex -noipx

Except that “-processheap” can cause crashes sometimes, you should get rid of this command, or skip it right away. It is also worth knowing here how to adjust your refresh rate on the monitor in the “-freq” command.