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How well does Inferno 2055 look like in CS:GO? “It’s been 50 years since people lived in this city”

Inferno has never looked better.

In mid-March, a very interesting map appeared in the Steam workshop, which gained popularity only recently. It is the destroyed Inferno. As we read in the description made by its author:

“It’s been fifty years since there was a human in this city! Everything was forgotten, and nature took everything into her own hands.”

It must be admitted that the effects of the work are really interesting. The only problem seems to be the visibility. Mainly because the map is practically all green. This can be used by players with specific agent skins that will surely blend in.

Forgotten Inferno 2055 in CS:GO

It is hard to find any weak point of this project apart from the visibility. Some corners are really dark, so players would certainly struggle to brighten up their screens.

The creator is constantly tweaking the project and introduces additional changes, so you can expect that perhaps other maps will see such overgrown versions. According to the community, it would be a good motive for a new operation – overgrown, forgotten CS:GO.