How would Dust 2 and Inferno from CSGO look on Unreal Engine 5? You can see the potential

A CS: GO community member recreated two maps from the game on Unreal Engine 5.

There have been times when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have recreated maps on the Unreal Engine, but usually, they were single graphics. Moreover, most of them were performed on the fourth installment of this engine.

Now YouTuber using the name “A R E Z” recreated the map of Dust 2 and Inferno, and presented his work in the video version. It looks really great and is worth seeing.

How do Dust 2 and Inferno look in the video?

Below you can see how Dust 2 looks on Unreal Engine 5. It looks really great and adds a lot of realism to the map. The play of light and much more detail are particularly impressive.

It seems that after porting Inferno to the Epic Games engine – the difference is much greater. You can see it mainly by looking at the fountain, from which the flowing water looks much better than in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

CS: GO will probably never be ported to Unreal Engine 5, although it would look really phenomenal. Unfortunately, even if this were to happen, the players’ comfort of the game would certainly suffer, because the number of FPS is significant in this title. Such graphics would certainly be very demanding.