Counter Strike

International drama in CSGO regarding NiP. A Polish team won, although they were supposed to lose

Today, on the lips of most players is the situation related to Ninjas in Pajamas and the Anonymo team.

This is an expected situation, but it is very emotional for many reasons. The Polish team Anonymo won against Ninjas in Pajamas, surprising the whole world.

After the game, NIP informed that players were struggling with the problems of losing 30-40% of packets. Most people took this as an excuse while showing recordings of what a 40% packet loss looks like – in short, completely unplayable.

“We are not pressuring anyone. The lies depicted in Anonymo’s statement are disgraceful.”

The web went wild after Flashpoint, i.e. the organizer of the entire event, published information that the match would be repeated, and Anonymo received an offer from NIP to play a full BO3 or one map.

At this point, information from Anonymo appears. The team points out that they themselves offered to postpone the game after problems arose during the match. At that time, Flashpoint himself did not agree.

Anonymo was supposed to imply that Flashpoint is under pressure from a foreign organization “at the business level.”. There were voices from NIP that these are lies, and the statement itself is disgraceful.

Ninjas in Pajamas present their version of the situation. According to the organization, the technical problems were caused by Flashpoint security, which made it impossible to play normally and which caused packet loss.

The community is divided:

  • Some believe that NiP is lying, they had no problems, and failure just hurts players and management. Here some point out that since everyone saw what was going on, and Anonymo themselves proposed to postpone the match, even when the technical problems were confirmed, the match should not be repeated.
  • On the other hand, there are people who see the organizers’ fault here, whose solutions were responsible for all the confusion, and who did not allow the match to be repeated in other conditions by the regulations.

It is difficult to say how this situation will end. So far, there is a lot of statements on this topic, mixed with, for example, the strange replacement of the Twitter entry on the official Flashpoint account.

Now, instead of “NiP offered Anonymo”, we just have “Anonymo has been offered”. The situation is very stressful for everyone involved.

So far, it is not known how it will all end. All movements and decisions are closely watched by the whole world, so there will probably be some information on this subject. At the moment, Anonymo refuses to repeat the match or the round.