Counter Strike

It may happen once, but this kind of play in CSGO twice is simply a sensation

During the official CS: GO games, a very unusual situation occurred.

It is known that professional players know CS: GO inside out, they know where the opponent may be, how he may want to outplay them, etc. That’s why sometimes during these official matches at the highest level, players place shots that are hard to explain.

In history, it has happened many times that someone shot the opponent through a wall or “blindly”, only guessing his position. When it only happens once every now and then, people are impressed, but it doesn’t get very emotional.

It is different when it happens twice within tens of seconds

At this point, there’s a CS: GO play on the Reddit homepage that triggered the following in chat:

Why? It’s even hard to explain, you have to see it. The player perfectly predicted the opponent’s position twice.

This play is becoming more and more popular every hour. It is practically certain that in a few days it will be in every possible CS: GO compilation.