Counter Strike

Operation Broken Fang’s CS:GO crate and skins will gain value? They may be deleted from the market

Operation Broken Fang will be special? A part of its skins may be unavailable to get in the future.

At first glance, Operation Broken Fang doesn’t seem that different from its predecessors. It turns out that this may change in the future, as some of the 50 skins may have slightly different availability.

Havoc and Control will be gone for good after the operation is done?

Operation Broken Fang is expected to end on April 30, so quite soon. After this date, collections such as Havoc and Control are to disappear. It means that players may not see AWP Fade and AK-47 X-ray for a long time.

It also means that slightly lower-tier skins, for which there are definitely more on the Steam market, will also become more expensive over time. The Broken Fang chest itself will become a rare drop that will be in demand primarily by collectors.

Perhaps it is worth buying some items from the Havoc or Control collections by April 30. Such investment may pay off in the future with quite a profit, as there are many indications that the collections will be extremely desirable by collectors.‚Äč