Ordering food and drink via CSGO chat? This possibility exists at IEM Cologne 2021

CS: GO players at IEM Cologne 2021 can order food and drink via chat.

The world is constantly evolving, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events. We are talking primarily about a higher level of transmission, better commentary or even higher cash prizes at the largest tournaments.

However, there are some things some gamers may not know that are really interesting. We are talking here about orders placed via… chat in CS: GO.

How does CS: GO ordering work?

As you can see in the screenshot below, taken from the Intel Extreme Masters Cologne 2021 competition, an interesting message appears in the chat at the beginning of each match. It says that players can order food and drink via chat in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. To do this, they just need to enter the command “.request” and provide information about their order.

Interestingly, apart from eating and drinking, players can also order “other items”. It’s hard to say what the organizers meant, but anyway, it’s a really interesting solution.

Placing orders by players via chat in CS: GO is not only interesting, but also a very good option. It certainly significantly improves the comfort of players who, even at a given moment, want to eat or drink, and will have nothing at hand.