“Paid CSGO” has taken its toll. The worst stats in a year. Will Valve react?

Valve must have expected this, but the player count chart at the moment looks really bad.

Recall that a few days ago, Valve introduced an update that severely restricts accounts without Prime status. They can play, but cannot gain levels, cases or participate in ranked matches.

It was known that this could have an impact on the number of players in some way, but no one expected such a drop. 10,000 people have fallen out of us due to recent bans, but the rest…

The worst stats in a year

The breakdown can be seen very clearly, both on third-party sites and on Steam’s official statistics. All in all, the decline began some time ago, and only accelerated sharply a few days ago.

This resulted in a drop from over a million people a day to 836,000. What could it be caused by? Of course, the first thought is the last update, but it shouldn’t be too worrying.

The summer period is usually a bit weaker, which is also confirmed by previous years. June a year ago was also a decline, although of course, a lot changed the situation in the world at that time. This month has been one of the worst in years.

So it is difficult to judge whether the 100-200,000 players who stopped playing are simply cheaters who gave up, or whether the declines were caused primarily by the increasingly better weather and the summer period, which was always associated with a greater lack of players.

There is a lot of talk on social media about revoking Valve’s decision on Prime accounts, but it’s not worth counting on. A few days is definitely too short a period of time for developers to make a meaningful assessment of that update. We have to wait for now, it is possible that Valve will take some steps, but so far there is no information on this.