Perfect troll in CSGO. Players send fake messages about VAC bans or cases

There are additional ways to troll others in CS: GO.

There are tons of ways to troll in CS: GO. Recently, it has become popular to use commands for this. Players make others believe that, for example, they have been permanently banned from CS: GO servers.

Sometimes it even ends up with the player in question leaving the match and wanting to see immediately what’s going on and why they got banned. Also, do not be surprised by the messages about the cases.

Trolling in CS: GO

Sending these types of commands is not difficult. In the case of a permanent ban, it is:

playerradio Radio.WePlanted “name has been permanently banned from official CS:GO servers.”

You can really fall for the effect, because it looks really realistic:

The same is the case with opening cases. Interestingly, there is even a special page for creating commands for any item.

However, since the website, or rather its content, can always change, we will not refer to it directly, but via Reddit:

Simple and much fun. The players confirm that it really works. More than one person just left the game, others wrote in the chat that they had just been banned.