Counter Strike

Perfectly made easter egg during the CSGO tournament, referring to Thanos

CS:GO tournaments sometimes have something interesting, even for people who are not interested in the game itself.

CS: GO is full of all kinds of esports events, while most people just launch Counter-Strike and play with their friends, regardless of what is happening in the professional scene.

Sometimes, however, during these biggest tournaments there are funny situations, such as the one from the Gambit vs Heroic game. The Vanishing Player clip quickly became incredibly popular. Why?

Perfectly made easter egg

Rather, everyone knows Thanos and the infinity stones theme. At one time, even Google joined the fun. By typing Thanos into a search engine it was possible to hide all the results. Now during the CS:GO match, the eliminated refrezh also disappeared:

The commentators’ reaction did its job and we have a video that is only becoming more popular at the moment. All of this, of course, by wanting to show that someone was simply deleted. Production has done it more than once:

You can see that people responsible for working on professional tournaments can be creative and surprise not only viewers but also commentators themselves. It can be expected that the production in the future will surprise and make all viewers laugh again and again.