Counter Strike

Play by FalleN shows how a CSGO progamer with many years of experience differs from an ordinary player

This amazing move by FalleN shows how an experienced player differs from a regular CS: GO player.

It is well known that professional players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive spend countless hours in the game and devote a good part of their lives to training. Of course, this results in the game, and such players can significantly increase their skills. During professional struggles, you can often see the difference between a person who spends hundreds or even thousands of hours a month in the game compared to an ordinary player.

A perfect example is Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and his performance at Dust 2 during his last match against Fnatic.

How did FalleN impress in the match against Fnatic?

As you can see in the video below – two players from Team Liquid on long decided to make a ramp boost, which could have been a really effective play if such an experienced player had not been on the short. We are talking about FalleN, who really quickly and effectively eliminated both of his rivals. It looks really impressive…

To have such fast reflexes, you need to spend a lot of hours in Counter-Strike. Of course, this condition is met by the Brazilian star of Team Liquid, who still remembers the CS 1.6 scene and has been playing Global Offensive since 2013.

It’s hard to imagine how many hours FalleN is spending on Valve’s FPS, especially judging from some of his plays.