S1mple and his nerves of steel. Clutch 1vs4 in CSGO won, with 0.24 seconds left to disarm C4

S1mple proves his great value again.

Almost everyone knows that S1mple is definitely one of the best players. It is from his plays that the most complications on Youtube arise. Now the player at 13:15 scored the decisive round.

The player was able to eliminate 4 enemies, plant the charge and finish the opponent who only had 0.24 seconds before disarming it. Something like this is incredibly rare, so it’s no wonder this is one of the top clips on Twitch.

S1mple and his 1vs4 clutch

You could feel the power of this play even on HLTV, a lot of people wrote about this clutch at the same time.

All this as part of the NaVi vs G2 match. More than one person simply would not endure such nerves. 13:15, practically the decisive round and only S1mple surviving.