s1mple is a baiter? FalleN stood up for the Ukrainian CS:GO pro

What exactly is a “baiter” in CS:GO and why did FalleN fans call s1mple that?

FalleN analyzed a clip from s1mple playing CS: GO on the Dust 2 map of the FACEIT Pro League on his last live stream. The player instructed his teammates to take long A and distract the defense. Then rushed to the center to surprise his opponents. FalleN was explaining the tactic but noted that his viewers referred to s1mple as a baiter.

The baiter accusation is a delicate topic for CS:GO pros. This means that the player allows his teammates to die so he can get more frags in the game. Some players might consider it an insult.

FalleN defended his would-be teammate

The Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star began to defend s1mple and explain the whole situation.

How is this the baiter’s tactic guys? – asked FalleN. The dude entered mid doors with the AWP peek. He corner kicked and made the goal. You are joking with me if you’re calling him a baiter…

It is very likely that FalleN is s1mple’s colleague, but perhaps the Brazilian’s standing up in his defense was a matter of solidarity and fairness. Some people may not remember that in 2018 MIBR wanted s1mple and KRiMZ in its squad, but the Ukrainian player did not get along with the Swedish shooter. In return, however, he proposed his teammate – flamie.

Ultimately, however, it turned out that both players gave up signing the contract in the last second.

The s1mple’s tactic may have come as a surprise to many players, but it really doesn’t make him a baiter.