Counter Strike

S1mple is on a billboard in the center of Kiev. How did the CSGO player get there?

One of the best CS: GO players in the world has been placed on a billboard in the very center of Kiev.

S1mple was honored in the capital of his homeland because a billboard with his face can be found in Kiev. This one, unfortunately, is not very big, but still, it is quite an interesting sight.

What does the billboard with s1mple face look like and how did it get there?

Below you can see the billboard located in the very center of the Ukrainian capital. It’s not very impressive, but it can still please the eye of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans who pass through it. The advertisement was placed there for one of the oldest internet cafes in Kiev, the entrance to which is located next to the billboard.

The fact that you can see the faces of the best CS: GO players on billboards shows just how much esports have developed in the world. Certainly, such views please the eye of Natus Vincere and CS fans.