Source 2 in CSGO was not lost at all. For the first time in history CSGO appeared in “libengine2”

Such information must be approached with a great distance, but people on the topic actually signal an important change in the files.

In the morning we wrote that today’s CS: GO update did not introduce anything special apart from the changes related to additional translations. It turns out, however, that something has changed, but at first glance, you cannot see it at all.

Source 2 and CS: GO topic seemed to be over several times, meanwhile “Gabe Follower” sparkled the imaginations of players again, writing that Valve’s production appeared in “libengine2”.

What does it mean?

For all those who don’t know what’s going on – the Source 2 port for CS: GO may still be under development. The work may have slowed down, but it looks like the developers haven’t abandoned the idea at all.

For the first time in history, Source 2 mentions CS: GO and not the other way around. This is the biggest and very important difference between the reports from many months ago and this particular “Gabe Follower” entry.

Of course, there is still no information on any possible dates or what to expect. Everything is based on uncondirmed information and evidence from files.