The best CSGO teams don’t need gaming chairs at all? The players laugh at the G2 coach

Esport is associated, among other things, with advertising office and gaming equipment. However, what do pros really use?

E-sports seem to be the perfect place to advertise office and gaming equipment. During the tournaments, manufacturers of monitors, mice, and keyboards advertise themselves from almost every side. One of the basic items also seems to be a gaming chair.

In fact, however, it is not the most basic subject, as proven by the G2 Esports coach, whose “chair” is being laughed at by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans.

How does the “gaming chair” of the G2 trainer look like?

The photo below is from a G2 Esports match broadcast. You can see the webcam of the trainer, MaLek, who is just walking away from the desk. Therefore, his… “gaming chair” appeared on the screen of thousands of viewers. You can see that the coach of the French formation appreciates simplicity above all, which of course Counter-Strike fans did not miss, who now have a laugh about it.

Of course, gaming chairs are not among the cheapest comforts, so many players choose definitely cheaper alternatives. Still, for a professional CS: GO trainer, this isn’t the most common sight, so obviously the community has taken a lot of interest in this fact.

A large number of players also noticed that gaming chairs are not the best option at all and very often affect the back worse than the traditional chairs used by MaLeK:

Either way, it is interesting to know how much controversy and hype can arise from an ordinary chair, which was probably accidentally shown during the CS: GO match broadcast.