Counter Strike

The clutch of a year in CSGO? “This is one of the most absurd endings in Counter-Strike history”

The CS: GO community was thrilled with the Heroic player who ended the match in style.

Yesterday, the ESL Pro League Season 13 Final in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took place, in which the Heroic and Gambit teams faced each other. Casper “cadiaN” Møller, a player of the first team, finished the game in a big way, winning the 1 vs 4 eco clutch.

The whole situation will certainly be remembered by everyone for a long time, since the player showed great game-sense and skills.

The team’s reaction to the victory was…

As you can see in the video below, cadiaN only had a P250 without a vest at his disposal and was against four opponents. The whole situation seemed to be a loser for the Heroic players, but cadiaN did something unbelievable. He managed to knife the first opponent, take AWP from him, and then eliminate the remaining three.

What was also amazing? The reaction of his teammates of course. Thanks to the player’s clutch they won the game faster and collected the prize of 175,000 dollars.

After the game ended, cadiaN answered some of the commentators’ questions. He finished commenting on the clutch with a simple:

That is one of the most absurd endings to a Counter Strike game we’ll ever witness.

The whole situation will be remembered for a long time by Counter-Strike fans. On Reddit alone, it has been appreciated by nearly 30,000 users at the time of writing this article, which is an impressive number for the CS:GO community.