Counter Strike

The CSGO community complains about the ranking system. Easy rank down, difficult promotion

The ranking system in CS: GO is one big secret. Players still complain about its operation.

Since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s inception, little is known about the ranking system. Valve developers decided to keep it a secret, and it has remained so to this day.

The community does not know what exactly it is but nonetheless is not satisfied with it. What is the whole problem?

Losing your rank is too easy and getting promoted too hard

As you can read on Reddit or on social media, the biggest problem is that after taking a month off in Counter-Strike, you can lose up to two ranks. It is a bit worse with promotions because in order to get a higher rank, you often have to win 5-10 matches in a row.

In addition, cheaters are also a big problem, as they can disrupt the winning streak and the game itself at any time. Sometimes there are cases when the match is played by LE + against Golds in one waiting room.

Indeed, situations, where high-ranking players end up with Silver or Gold over a series of interruptions over several months, are unfairly resolved.