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The CSGO legend decided to move to Valorant. It is decided

NBK is definitely a player that will stay in the pages of CSGO’s history forever.

Almost every Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan knows Nathan “NBK” Schmitt. The player has achieved a lot in his career, which can be seen, for example, on his profile card in Liquipedia. The player has participated in many of the biggest tournaments in the world, played among the best, and was definitely one of them. Now he has made a decision to… move away from CS: GO and move to competitive Valorant.

He has already made one story, now he has decided to start another

NBK started his professional career back in 2009 when he joined the first official Counter-Strike team: Sorce – Dreamrar. Later, with each passing year, his career gained momentum until he finally joined the EnVyUs formation, in which he achieved half of his greatest successes. The progression was announced on social media by publishing the following video:

The Global Offensive community is very surprised and at the same time saddened by the news of NBK leaving the scene. This is another great player who made the decision to switch to FPS from Riot Games. Below you can see a video made by one of the CSGO fans where you can see some of the best moments of this player:

The NBK and many other players’ decision to switch to Valorant is the end of a big part in the history of the game for many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans. Either way, over time, new stars will appear on the scene who will delight to the same extent or even more.