Counter Strike

The CSGO player came up with the spontaneous idea of a rather non-standard tactic that surprised his opponents

CS: GO, despite the passage of years, can still surprise you quite well.

In CS: GO, shooting and movement skills, as well as creativity, count, of course. One of the Reddit users with the nickname “wut_m8toe” posted a clip that quickly gained popularity due to the use of quite unusual tactics.

“wut_m8toe” surprised his opponents by throwing a C4 for a moment, drawing the attention of enemy players, thanks to which he could easily eliminate them. Of course, it will be difficult to repeat, but it is definitely something to keep in mind in your matches as well.

What is the whole tactic about?

As you can see in the video below – the player decided to divert the attention of his opponents to the bomb that he throws on the wall. Everyone was convinced that this was where the hero of the game would be.

The player used the whole situation and quickly emerged from behind cover, eliminating all opponents. These were focused on a completely different point.

This method may work in other locations as well, although it needs to be thought through really carefully. Anyway, in most cases – this idea is definitely quite non-standard.