The CSGO player commemorated a deceased friend with whom he often played

Online friendships can be very important, as this example shows.

Games are the perfect way to meet new people. Whole communities are built around them, often in which great friendships are made. Reddit user “slidee9870” met his friend through CS:GO. Unfortunately, he passed away last year.

Friendship was so important to him that he decided to commemorate “Mons” by getting a tattoo. The players never actually met, but talked often and willingly, helped each other with problems, were close friends.

Commemorating a deceased friend from CS:GO

The players didn’t know their real names or surnames, yet they got along very well. The player found out about the death from Facebook.

“slidee9870” decided that he would not ask any more questions since it may seem strange. However, he decided to commemorate his friend in a different way.

The player tattooed himself an AK-47 with the nickname “Mons” inside. This shows how important this relationship was.