The CSGO player did so well that s1mple began to clap, and this is the greatest honor

S1mple started clapping as the CSGO player played the perfect pistol round.

S1mple witnessed a great pistol round during a 5 vs 5 match. One of the players was handing out some really amazing headshots to his opponents and thus he managed to win the 1 vs 4 clutch. Also, the reaction to his win was very exciting, especially since one of the best players in the world started to clap.

What was the whole situation like?

In the video below you can see the situation that prompted s1mple to clap. It must be admitted that the headshots looked really spectacular and were worthy of such a reaction. The whole team was really happy, which can be heard. Such an aim certainly required many hours of practice on training maps and deathmatch.

Such situations in Counter-Strike are really impressive, and the applause of one of the best players in the world is definitely a great honor.