Counter Strike

The CSGO player realized after more than 6 years that he was using WASD incorrectly. Better late than never

There are many ways to play games. One of the players only realized after a few years that most of them use WASD completely differently.

LoL players are definitely masters in other controls. There, of course, the character does not move with WASD, but most of them base their entire movement set on these keys.

In CS:GO, it’s all more settled. You know which fingers you need to control, how to move, etc. Meanwhile, a Reddit user with the nickname “DexamusX” showed how he played for the last 6 years and that most of them use WASD completely differently.

“For the last 6.5 years of playing CS: GO, I have used WASD incorrectly”

How can WASD be misused? It turns out that it is possible. Anyway, see for yourself:

And although it looks incredibly strange, the player himself claims that he had no major problems with the controls. So the question is whether there is such a thing as “bad conbtrols” at all. In the end, everything is about making the person using the keyboard and mouse comfortable.