The CSGO player went a bit too far. He showed his middle finger to the camera during the official broadcast

One of the Czech players had to apologize for his gesture after the match was over.

CS: GO evokes great emotions in both ordinary and professional players. Both of these groups sometimes get carried away. As a result, there are situations that should not have happened.

Czech SINNERS Esports met ENCE Esports as part of the Pinnacle Cup. Finally, the Czech organization won this match 2: 1. One of the Czechs was so happy that he showed his middle finger to the camera.

An apology after the slip-up

The unfortunate behavior did not go unnoticed. Such a gesture should simply not take place, as it could have been received very negatively. How did it look like?

The player quickly understood his mistake, which resulted in an apology on the official Twitter profile. As we read, it was an emotional reaction, and the player himself has nothing to do with ENCE itself.

Rather, no one was offended, so the topic will simply end with an apology. However, the player will certainly remember to keep his emotions in check in the future.