The CSGO pro gamer almost won the tournament by using the dishwasher as a desk and a kitchen chair

The CS: GO community laughs at a pro who almost won a tournament “on the dishwasher”.

The gaming community perfectly understands that sometimes there are no conditions for comfortable gameplay, but still the willingness is too big. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are additionally situations when a tournament should be played, and it is not very possible.

Just2EZ had it the hard way, almost winning ESEA Advanced, keeping the monitor on the dishwasher, and sitting on the kitchen chair.

How did the CS: GO player behind the dishwasher look like?

As you can see in the photo below – Just2EZ put his computer on the ground, while the monitor, keyboard, and mouse on the dishwasher. He added a kitchen chair to his new “gaming station” and played during ESEA Advanced Season 37 in North America.

Perhaps the worst part of this setup was the legroom, or lack thereof, as the player had to play with his knees stuck to the dishwasher.

This is just another proof that wanting very often means being able to. Unfortunately, Just2EZ and his Triton mates didn’t win the tournament, but they were really close. The case was also commented on by the official ESEA profile, laughing that the next season will be played by the player on a “smart” fridge: