Counter Strike

The CT player can move the C4 in CSGO. To do this, something very unusual should be done

The CSGO player came up with the idea of hiding the load in the ball. He failed but discovered something interesting.

One of the Reddit users, using the name “El_Pinoles17”, posted an interesting clip of his gameplay. He shows the execution of an idea in which, as a CT player, he decided to hide the explosive from his opponents in the ball. It seems like a really brilliant idea that can significantly help you win the match. What could have gone wrong?

CT players can move C4, but there’s a catch

As you can see in the material below – the explosive could not be hidden under the ball. Nevertheless, the player discovered quite an interesting thing, namely, it is possible to move C4 as the CT player. Of course, you need to use the ball for this, which is not possible in most cases. Anyway, it’s worth knowing about it, as it is a really interesting tidbit.

It is very possible that there are other items that allow you to move the bomb, but so far they have not been discovered. Perhaps someone will decide to start testing it by trial and error, and over time, the community will learn something new again.