Counter Strike

The fastest Ace in the history of CSGO? When all you need is just $ 300

One player shared his incredibly lucky play.

We recently wrote about world records, but in this case, we are talking about something completely unofficial. Reddit user “vasilevsky92” shared his game in which he eliminates the entire opposing team in one go.

It was possible mainly thanks to the terrorists’ attempts to survive the explosion from the plant. Everyone hid in the corner, which “vasilevsky92” used cleverly.

This practically does not happen

Eliminating the entire opposing team throughout the round is one thing, but getting rid of them all at once is quite a feat. One of the CT decided to throw a grenade at a very specific place where all the terrorists were hiding. Effect? Reddit’s main site and a viral video.

It’s hard to say if it’s actually the fastest Ace ever, but there’s a chance we’re actually talking about some kind of unofficial record for getting rid of all your opponents in the shortest possible time. Of such popular recordings that can be a real record, this is from 2015:

Here we have Ace just 14 seconds after the start of the round. In CS:GO, this play is considered the unofficial record for the fastest Ace since the start of the round.