The fastest smoke on door B on Dust 2? Definitely every CSGO player should know it

The CS:GO player presented the fastest smoke on door B on Dust 2. It must be admitted that it looks amazing.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community has unveiled arguably the fastest door smoke on Dust 2.

The player showed great movement and practiced this grenade to perfection because it is certainly not easy to throw it in such a way.

What did the player’s amazing smoke look like?

SeeVonBlood has shown his achievement on Reddit, where he gained considerable recognition among the Counter-Strike community. The video he published can be viewed below. Such a perfect smoke is really difficult to throw, especially since it is quite complicated, especially under the pressure of opponents who can jump out from behind the wall at any moment.

As SeeVonBlood himself said – his grenade works both on 64 and 128 tickrate servers. However, it is difficult to say whether it is really useful. It seems that it would be most effective mainly in clutch or 1 vs 1 situations to fake a BS.