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The girl exchanges photos without clothes with a caption on the body in exchange for CSGO skins

A girl playing CS: GO found an interesting way to do business? Sends nude photos with captions for skins.

One of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s YouTubers, TDM_Heyzeus, posted a video on his channel about Sarah Angel. This is a girl who offers her nude, captioned photos for CS: GO skins.

It is certainly a very interesting idea for “business”, which at the same time raises a lot of controversies. Even so, the community is more concerned with whether or not this is actually just a cheat.

What are most of the “business” with Sarah Angel?

In the screenshot below, you can see what most of the business with Sarah Angel looks like. The girl very often proposes her own offer, which consists of exchanging skins for a photo with a nickname on a naked body.

As you can see below – her Steam profile looks quite fair. The comments are also positive, although they could have been manipulated by the interested party herself.

Nevertheless, TDM_Heyzeus concludes that Sarah Angel may have stolen someone’s identity because she is from France and has poor use of English. Sarah Angel, whose identity she may have stolen, is from Canada and speaks excellent English.

According to the theory, the girl may actually be “herself”, but her profile picture might be stolen from a person with the exact same name and surname.

In addition, on her current profile and profile from the past, there seems to be another woman, although due to the use of filters or makeup – it is not completely certain:

It’s hard to say if Sarah Angel is actually a cheat, for sure her way of earning money is quite original. The girl earned a lot of money this way.