The new best map for CSGO aim training. Only positive feedback for “Aim Training 2021”

It looks like the Workshop has included the best aim training map so far. This is what both PRO and “normal” players think.

If you’ve never tried, now have a good excuse to actually start training your aim skills. It is also a good way to warm up before playing the game.

The new map is supposed to be a transfer of programs such as Aimlab or Kovaak directly to CS: GO. So far, it gets only positive opinions, it is really difficult to find a negative comment.

What, how and where?

“Yprac Aim Trainer” is of course available in the Workshop. It is promoted as the most advanced training in targeting, and it seems that this may actually be the case. Of the most important functions are:

The whole thing is, of course, 5 stars, and since yesterday it has been rated over 300 times, with 70 people choosing to leave a comment.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences, but it looks really neat.