Counter Strike

The new CSGO update fixes the Trusted Mode, introduces map corrections and more

The new CS:GO update weighs approximately 250MB. As usual, there were some unannounced changes besides what the description says.

A new update has been introduced to CS:GO, which, as was to be expected, focuses primarily on map-related fixes. The Ancient, in particular, received many different improvements.

In addition, Grind was also improved, developers also took up Frostbite. Leakers managed to track down “hidden” changes that the developers did not mention.

New CS:GO update – 5/14/2021

Map corrections abound with various changes. Some are purely cosmetic, others can actually affect the gameplay. Before that, however, it is worth mentioning Valve’s actions, which are directly caused by numerous signals from the community.

It is about the Trusted Mode. This has been corrected. Not only should it no longer argue with OBS, but it will also no longer trust digital-signed software. What does this mean for the average gamer? In theory, this mode should block more malicious programs. How it will be in practice is not known at the moment. By the way, the bug with double warnings about the lack of Trusted Mode has also been fixed.

Standard translation corrections should be added to maps and the Trusted Mode, and basically this is where the update ends. Slight but important. Ancient really needed some changes, and so did the Trusted Mode.