Counter Strike

The new CSGO update is mostly problems. What has changed after the crazy 15MB?

Another update has been made to CS:GO.

Valve continues its streak of releasing not very large updates. In total, this is the third patch, the weight of which does not exceed several dozen megabytes. The previous two updates mainly improved the translations.

This one is a bit more interesting, with an emphasis on “a bit”. The 15MB patch caused a lot of problems for players, especially with joining the game. In addition, the old customer technology was also discarded.

What’s changed in the new update?

As you may have guessed, there are corrections in the translations. This time it is about the Spanish language. The highlight of the patch is the removal of “Scaleform ui”.

It is a library related to Flash Player that is hardly used anywhere anymore. It used to display the entire interface in CS: GO.

And that’s about it when it comes to the changes to the patch in question. From the perspective of an ordinary player, nothing interesting happened. Well, maybe except that currently, some people are not able to enter the servers.

The solution to this is relatively simple. It is enough to uncheck the beta testing option in the Steam settings. Thanks to this, everything should start working again.