The new update in CSGO allows, among other things, to save your favorite maps in matchmaking

A new update has been introduced to CS: GO, which in addition to the standard fixes also brings new features.

The recent CS: GO updates were rather minor, they really boiled down to translation fixes and changes to the game code that didn’t say anything specific. Tonight, however, an update has been released that already brings some changes.

The most important is the ability to save and load your favorite maps. Also fixed a bug with bullet penetration that allowed firing through walls – and that’s good news.

New CS: GO update

The gameplay changes themselves have three points:

  • Matchmaking “Premier” can be selected with other tournament maps.
  • Added “presets” for tournament mode and the ability to save/load your favorite maps.

  • A link to the Fair Play rules has been added on the official servers.

  • Next are bug fixes, the most important of which will be dealing with the character model in terms of bullet penetration. To many people, this doesn’t mean anything, so it’s enough to write that it is about a few walls in the game that, due to the incorrect treatment of the player model, let bullets pass.

Nothing interesting changes further.

The update is currently receiving positive feedback, although some people complain about FPS drops.