The popular CSGO streamer opened 4,000 cases. What did he drop, was it profitable?

Anomaly realized a crazy idea in CSGO. He opened 4,000 cases in 20 hours.

Anomaly is a famous Twitch streamer and Youtuber from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He conducted a 24-hour transmission of the unboxing of cases in collaboration with Skinbaron. The entire project cost about $ 10,000 and was very interesting, as the community wondered how many knives and red skins the star would get.

What are the results of Anomaly’s opening?

Out of 4,000 cases, Anomaly received 12 knives, 33 red skins, 113 pink ones, and 624 purple ones. From this unboxing it can be concluded that knife skins are extremely rare, the chances for red skins are less than 0.82%, for pink 2.82%, purple 15.6%.

4,000 seems to be a fairly significant number of crates, but still too low a number to pinpoint the actual chances of dropping individual skins, so Anomaly’s chances do not have to be proportional to other players.

The whole broadcast was really interesting and partially showed that opening cases, as a rule, is not a very profitable idea. The best chance is to drop a skin that is not very valuable, which can often be much cheaper than the key itself.