The president of the Swedish CSGO organization invited politicians to lunch. What is going on?

The president of Ninjas in Pajamas wants to increase the importance of electronic sports in Sweden.

Electronic sports are constantly evolving. The largest formations of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other titles have really good conditions, although they are often not very profitable. The president of one of the largest organizations in the world, Ninjas in Pajamas, wants esports to become more meaningful to the Swedish state and government. Therefore, he invited politicians to dinner.

What does the president of a CSGO organization want to achieve?

Hicham Chahine, president of Ninjas in Pajamas, officially invited Swedish politicians on social media. In this way, he wants to familiarize them with esports and of course the games associated with it. As he himself noted:

Sweden has produced some of the largest esports stars and has been a leading country globally for decades.

By this invitation, he wants to convince the Swedish authorities to get involved in electronic sports.

So far, no response has been given to the invitation of the president of Ninjas in Pajamas. It’s hard to say whether politicians will accept it, but it must be admitted that esport is still something new. Perhaps in the future, heads of state will become interested in this topic themselves, but at the moment it is a very rare phenomenon.