Counter Strike

The professional CSGO player lost control of his mouse during the round and made the best of it

One of the professional players had an unusual problem, but interestingly he managed to finish the round and win it.

Sometimes, even during these most important matches, quite unusual situations occur. In the world of CS: GO it got loud about one play, which is simply described as “Baiting 500IQ”. Why?

This situation clearly shows how average players differ from PRO. It is not only about movement or the ability to aim. There is also non-standard thinking.

Outplay with a broken mouse

“almazer” lost control of the mouse in one of the matches. Technical problems happen and usually just mean a break. In this case, the team played the round to the end. The competitor, instead of standing still, simply started to come forward, baiting the opponents. This tactic has clearly paid off.

This action will probably go down in history. The chat itself was impressed and it is hardly surprising.

The decision to go ahead and shoot blindly was the best “almazer” could have made.