Counter Strike

The shirtless dad walked into the CSGO player’s room during the Major qualifying tournament

This is another, a quite unexpected mishap of CS:GO players.

A few days ago the camera captured the moment of a professional CS:GO player getting dressed. All because the players play their tournaments from home, and one of the requirements of the organizers is to have a camera turned on.

Sometimes this leads to funny situations. During the official broadcast of the cs_summit 8 tournament, which is also the qualifying round for the Major, the dad of one of the players appeared on the vision and brought his son a meal.

A little live mishap

Of course, such mishaps do not matter much to the rank of the tournament, and they do not cause bans on Twitch. Let us remind you that the male body is assessed by TTV differently than the female body. As a result, men can easily appear “with their chests out”.

Everyone in the chat found it sweet that dad would bring a meal even at that moment. So the situation ended very positively.‚Äč