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This is the end of the lifebuoy for CSGO cheaters? ESIC is working with Riot on this scandal

Instead of great moves, amazing investments or results, more and more often you hear about all sorts of scandals in relation to CS: GO.

ESIC has confirmed that an investigation is currently underway into 35 people suspected of match-fixing in CS: GO. The case concerns the American scene.

Interestingly, ESIC has partnered with Riot Games on this matter. It is known that some of the suspects shifted to Riot’s game. This can be an incredibly interesting situation, ending the era of moving from CS: GO to Valorant just to avoid the consequences.

No more disappearing to Valorant?

This is something that has happened very often in recent months. People accused of cheating or various types of scams disappeared from the CS: GO scene to appear in Valorant. ESIC has confirmed that they cooperate with Riot in connection with the ongoing investigation.

As we hear, many of the 35 suspects, knowing they were in a vulnerable position, went over to Valorant. This will not help, Commissioner ESIC confirmed that there are very fruitful talks with Riot.

It’s hard to say when this particular case will end. However, it is very interesting that ESIC also focused on Valorant, and Riot agreed to the cooperation proposal. You can see that esports teams understand the importance of consistency not only in specific games but across the stage as well.