This knife round of the BLAST Grand Final in CSGO will go down in history. The players decided to have an honorary duel

This knife round will go down in CS: GO history. The players decided to open the map with one duel.

During the last BLAST Premier Spring Grand Final, a situation occurred that may even go down in the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Two teams, Natus Vincere and Gambit, decided to open the third map quite interestingly. We are talking about the duel of Boombl4 and the nafany, which was to decide about the victory of one of the teams in the knife round.

What was the whole round like?

Before the start of the knife round, Boombl4 challenged his opponent – nafan, to fight 1 vs 1. The players gathered on mid in a circle, in the middle of which were both the aforementioned players. The clash was won by Natus Vincere, so the remaining four from the Gambit formation were liquidated without any resistance.

Below you can see a clip of the whole situation:

The behavior of both teams was very fair and interesting and may even go down in Counter-Strike history. Such incidents take place very rarely, thanks to which they arouse even greater emotions among fans of electronic sports. Rarely do opposing teams agree to get along in such an interesting way.