This Molotov in CSGO destroys the rules of the game physics. Players wonder if it should be blocked

CS: GO players contemplate on a certain Molotov that seems too OP.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community often uses grenades that professional players use during official matches. It is no different in the case of a certain Molotov, which even infected a large number of players.

There would be no problem with that, if not for the fact that this grenade seems to destroy the rules of the game’s physics and be way too OP.

What’s with this grenade and should Valve block it?

In the videos below you can see what throwing this grenade looks like and how it works. The fire literally penetrates the wall and thus makes it difficult for the attacking team to pass, and often even takes their health points. It seems that it shouldn’t be like this, and Molotov’s reach shouldn’t reach beyond the walls.

According to a part of the Counter-Strike community: Global Offensive – this grenade violates the rules of physics in the game because Molotovs should not reach the area behind the wall.

For now, this grenade can be used, as Valve’s developers have not yet dealt with it. Nevertheless, it is very likely that soon it will not work as it does today.