Counter Strike

This year, Valve has extremely disrupted its CSGO schedule. Something is up, has Valve given it up?

The last major update, which was not just translation fixes, happened two months ago.

The last meaningful update was given to players in July. Normally, it is during this period that not even the update should appear, but also the new case. For years, Valve has been releasing a second case over the summer.

A year ago, it was on August 6 (Fracture), in 2019, due to the fact that it was a tournament case, this one appeared in October. In 2018, again August. From 2017, 3 cases were issued per year.

And this time – silence

Either Valve is up to something and we will see a new inbox in a moment, or we will have to wait until the end of the “Dreams & Nightmares” contest. The problem is that only on October 21 the possibility of sending works is closed, while a month later – on November 21 – we have the deadline for announcing the winnings.

Now it is not known whether Valve has given up on the crates, seeing players buying fewer and fewer of them, or whether it is about the Major being just around the corner.

~ October 14 Stockholm Viewer Pass
October 21 The final date of the competition
October 23 Major
November 7 End of Major
November 21 The last day of announcing the winnings
December Steam Deck

So it’s getting hot and you don’t really know which way Valve will go. The developers are testing something, we keep hearing about new mentions in the code, but so far it’s all just theories.

There is no other option but to wait and hope Valve will stick to its schedule of 3 crates a year.