Tuscan in CSGO is almost complete. You can subscribe to it and play

The Tuscan is finally close to being ready. Catfood posted a new preview version on the Steam Workshop.

Tuscan is one of the maps mostly remembered by senior Counter-Strike veterans. Players who remember the heyday of CS 1.6 have fond memories of this map and would like to see it again in Valve’s FPS.

Catfood, the original developer of Tuscan, has been working on its completion for a long time. 3 days ago he published a new version of his work.

How does the map look at the moment?

Catfood is clearly working on Tuscan all the time and is not slowing down with his work. The map starts to look better and more playable. It is very possible that it will be completed by the summer holidays. It is already known that Tuscan can be played on the Faceit platform.

Below are some screenshots from the map:

Tuscan can be tested by subscribing to it in the Steam Workshop. You can find it at this link. As you can see, Catfood is gradually approaching the finale of work on the map and we might see it in the game soon.